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Welcome to the blogspot of our Comunity:

Hi, and thanks for coming!! We're a group of artists that have put works together in the web site . Some of us are single members of the blogspot community, so whe thought about creating a blog for the us as a group. Hope you like our works.

Internet and the real world are full of art websites, magazines, and publications, but most of them do not focus on the art and the artist. Instead, they focus, primarily, on the artists' careers and on the price of the works. In addition to this, most of these sites charge a fee for publicating art works. It may be ok for some people, but in my point of view it sounds really sick and absolutely empty of human meaning.

The artist is a human being: wthat means he is more (much more) than the price of his works and the number of exhibitions that he has done. He has a history, he has feelings, emotions, and has a lot to say! So, there`s no reason to justify that incomplete and laxous approach to him. As a human being, it deserves respect, and any publication so-called "serious" should take note of the artist's complete existence.. and not just of a little -and not representative- part of it.

The idea of our website was born as an antempt to answer this issue. We want to show the artist as the human that he is.. to bring out the person that`s behind the art. Our blog offers their members not just another gallery describing the works' prices and the artists' CVs.. It was conceived as a personal customizable space were artists can show what they do and write about how they feel ... about who they are, and about what they think. All that for free.

The Name:
As we were looking for a name conveying freshness, freedom, and constant change, the idea of "South Atlantic" came into our minds. It was the perfect match for us.. the name not only fitted our idea exactly, it also had a second meaning cause it is at this coast that our idea was born.

History and Exhibitions:
(Click on links to see the photos)

*Chapter 1: The birth of our idea.. collective exhibitions before the creation of our website.

- Casas & Carabelli @ Mar del Plata`s 1st Encounter of Electronic Music and Visual Arts, Chocolate Club, MDP, AR - May 8, 2004. [link]
- Collective @ Avalon, MDP, AR - May 23, 2004. [link]
- Collective at Fascination Party @ Roxy MDQ, MDP, AR - Aug 27, 2004. [link]
- Collective at M.A.M.#1 @ Sobremonte, MDP, AR - Sept 11, 2004. [link]
- Collective @ Avalon, MDP, AR - Sept 12, 2004. [link]

*Chapter 2: Oficial Presentations.. and collective exhibitions after that.
- Jose M. Casas @ Tiendamania, MDP, AR - Sept 24 till Oct 12, 2004.
- M. Angera @ Tiendamania, MDP, AR - Oct 10 till Nov 02, 2004.
- Collective at Adicta & Ligeia Circus Concert @ Roxy MDQ, MDP, AR - Oct 24, 2004. (Web Site Oficial Presentation)
- Collective at Isis CD Presentation Concert @ U.N.M.d.P., MDP, AR - Jul 10, 2005.
Collective @ Libreria "El Atril", MDP, AR - May 30 till Jun 17, 2006. [link]

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