Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bahadir Gokay

"No Man Land" - Oil - 40x50 Cm

Bahadır Gökay was born in İstanbul, in 1955. He was graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, (now known as Marmara University, Graphic Design) in 1982.
During his education he worked as an art director in advertising companies.He established his own company in1984.He became a creative director of lots of brands.He won many awards incompetitions. His unique style consists of strong figures, design anxiety and clear colors.
He worked as a director for many years.Thinking of,can not finding the time for painting,he decided to retire and started working for the exhibitions.
He still continues his painting and art works in his workshop in İstanbul. At the mean time as a pretty known painting artist,he also gives painting lessons at Erenus Art Gallery.