Friday, December 22, 2006

Marga Duin

"Connection" - Acrylic on Canvas - 100 x 125

"I grew up in Heemskerk-the Netherlands, a little village surrounded by fields and meadows, close to the dunes and the sea. The village Heemskerk became residential area for the workers with their families of the steel factory (Corus).
I never forget the few of our orchard cut down to make place for the gas main. The rural life was devastated. From that moment I felt the strong drive to create.

My father was a bulb grower. After the Second World War for people like my father, who lived from agrarian culture, it was a very hard time, but it enabled me to experience the intense colors of the flowering bulb fields at a very young age. So I grew up in a world full of color. It fascinated me. Color still is the starting point in my work.
I have strong memories being alone in the fields where I felt happy, surrounded by nature.
So the biggest influence on my work is my fascination for nature; the seasons with their changing colors, the light, the silence. It gives me the feeling to be earth bounded. If I’m in nature I feel happy. There is so much to see and to feel, especially when I’m alone on the beach. Therefore my studio is located in Zandvoort on the coast.

My life is constantly changing but keeps in balance. I can handle it. Still I am an emotional person, things are touching me deeply inside. The intensity of painting gives me an answer on my questions.

When I’m working, I need solitude, for days, just by myself in my studio.
I start working and it’s flows or does not. If it flows, I dissolve in space, forgetting time and place. It’s a tiring process. During this time I only leave my studio for a walk along the beach.

Art is a large part of my life and always has been. I cannot live without it. In my work I do not take concessions. I follow my own way." Marga Duin

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