Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hans Mertens

"Penelope`s Prayer"

"To me art is always a question of beauty and trying to bring some kind of message to the beholder, bringing some kind of emotion to them in a positive way.
I don't want to shock , I don't need to provocate.
When I'm painting abstracts out of heart it is always a struggle between action and rest.I'm definitely at another place then; I dont hear a sound.
At first I was inspired by painters like Klimt , Rossetti and Monet.
In 1987 I started with "water paintings", I painted oil, gouache and mixed media.
The last 2 years (I'm a painter for almost 20 years now, actually ,I can't remember me not drawing or painting) I fought myself free in painting acrylic in making only abstracts fighting against time.
" Hans Mertens


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Profesor Favalli said...

Bellísimo cuadro. Hay una distancia entre el objeto deseado y el artista, una triste y necesaria distancia.